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Cross Days отложена в 6 раз

Печально, но чрезвычайно ожидаемая  эротическая игра Cross Days отложена в 6!!! раз. Что послужило причиной очередного срыва сроков не известно… В начале было заявлено о выходе игры  27/2/2009, потом 24/4/2009, потом  to 26/6/2009, 20/11/2009, 18/12/2009, 29/1/2009 и финальная дата  19/3/2010. … Читать далее

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Ero-Figures Too Hot for Comiket!

A doujin circle was recently forced to pull its assortment of ero-figures during Comiket 76 for being too hot for sale there.

Yuuki Fukasawa [深澤ゆうき] x Seiko Ando [安藤成子]

Fans of my weekly gravure feature are in for a treat this week because we are having double-action with two lovely models: Yuuki Fukasawa [深澤ゆうき] and Seiko Ando [安藤成子]. Name: 深澤ゆうき(ふかさわ ゆうき) Birthday: 3 July 1986 Height: 162cm 3 Sizes: B80/W57cm/H86cm … Читать далее

Oppai Carwash

If you have ever wondered what the spectacle of busty idols attempting to clean a car windscreen using only their breasts and buttocks looks like, you need look no further than the below video:

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