Mathematicians Reveal Answer To Surviving Zombie Attacks

Playing losta Resident Evil or Oneechan Bara is never going to help you survive a zombie attack. Your best bet according to Canadian mathematicians is to be extremely aggressive – “hit hard and hit often”.

The mathematics constructed a model on a hypothetical zombie attack, and published their paper in a journal on infectious disease >_<

Based on their model, if we didn’t adopt an aggressive approach, civilization would be doomed! Their model predicts that if an infection breaks out in a city of 500,000 people, the zombies will outnumber the susceptibles in about three days.

So here’s the most important conclusion – use extreme force on anything that you think has been infected!!


And for those that are interested in reading the thesis paper, you can grab the pdf here!

Personally I well prepared to deal with any zombie attack after watching how Japanese Kids deal with zombie. LOL

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