Weekly Special — Snap a shot Hakuna Matata (Playstation3) is now available at an unbeatable bargain price of US$ 19.90 only — offer available for 1 week only!

From the publisher: You are a photographer stationed in Africa in this adventure, as a professional, you will have the newest equipment such as camera lenses and computers.

Accept missions by viewing proposals via your email system. Finding and tracking animals are only the start of your mission.

You might be asked to take photos of them at unique angles, such as taking a close up shot of a giraffe’s face. You’d realize you need a lot of skills to be an accomplished photographer.

You’ll have a lot of equipment to choose from, from cameras to your camping gear. Of course these cost money, so be sure to accept as much missions as you can manage.

Some organizations give you useful equipment such as tripods. Be sure to look out for those as you browse for missions.

The game makes use of PS3’s stunning graphical capabilities to render animations of animals to the most life-like degree. Remember how a clip from the game is used as a demonstration of the PlayStation3 prowess during the console’s promotion? Now …[more]

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