Аниме статуэтки от volks и zoukei-mura

23 мая прошла очередная выставка аниме статуэток, на ней были представлены новые работы от Volks Inc и Zoukei-Mura Inc.
Я хочу представить для Вас, небольшой фото отчёт по выставке.

Тут были работы как с новый аниме, так и статуэтки от популярных сериалов прошлых лет. Незабвенный “Евангелион”, весёлые “Девочки и Танки”, RailWars, Fate.

Так же было несколько моделей от zoukei-mura из серии SwS (Super Wing Series). Это были чрезвычайно подробные модели немецких самолётов конца второй мировой войны.

























































И ещё одно замечательное и романтическое AMV
Two Hearts

Комментарий автора: My video that I made for AWA Pro 2013 (yes, almost a year ago). As many people know, I am notoriously slow at releasing videos. >> After AWA, I totally slacked off and didn’t work on this for months, and it really did take me this long to pick it back up and finish it. There’s still a few things that bother me and I’d like to fix, but frankly, I just need to get this off of my computer. Anyway, this idea had been in the back of my mind for awhile, but I hadn’t had the chance to create it due to being busy with contests and such. Ever since I saw Paper Route live like a year and a half ago, I had wanted to showcase their music (seriously, go check them out, they are amazing), and after watching Toradora! the idea for this video came together really easily. My main goal was to make something that had a good mix of the goofy, as well as emotional/dramatic aspects of Ryuuji and Taiga’s relationship. I adore these two characters, and this show, and I hope I did them/it justice. Enjoy!

Programs used: Sony Vegas 10, Adobe After Effects CS6
Special Thanks: Radical_Yue, Kisanzi, Reigna, Mamo, CrackTheSky …for putting up with my various betas and providing me with helpful feedback. Thanks guys!

Аниме: Toradora!
Музыка: Paper Route – Two Heats
Награды: AWA Pro 2013 – Best Romance

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