Weekly Games Update: Dragon Ball Wii, Rosario to Vampire 2, Katamari Damacy Tribute, Toro to Morimori, Blazing Souls Accelerate, Ranshima Monogatari, Watchmen Part 1 + 2 & much more!

Welcome to this week’s Games Update, our weekly summary featuring all new product arrivals from the last seven days. Japanese releases have picked up speed this week. From the ball rolling alien princes, cute white cats to the anime heroes, the well known characters are all out to play.

Horizontal scrolling action is at its best in the newest Dragon Ball Wii game. From the battles with the Red Ribbon army to the fight to the death with Picolo, relive the child Goku’s adventures.

The backgrounds are in 3D and the scenes are fully voiced, this is a re-newed version of your nostalgic memory. Those who have seen Dragon Ball in your childhood, relive it, those who have never seen it, grasp your chance.

Besides Dragon Ball, a team of anime girls have arrived. The vampires and other supernatural girls from Rosario to Vampire Capu 2 are here to invite you into their world. It’s not polite to make the ladies wait.

To save his kingdom and father, the little alien prince created a Robo King to …[more]

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