Consistent Action Leads to Extraordinary Results and payday loans


There are many sayings and most have some “truth” to them, but none, to me, are as powerful as this one.

Consistent action over a long period of time leads to amazing results.

I am not sure I am even saying it completely or where I heard it. However, that is the saying I remember. What it means to me is:

Consistently doing small things over a long period of time leads to something big.

Take blogging as an example posting 3 times a week leads to 150 blog posts in a year payday loans . That is some pretty good results compared to the average blog. Each blog post is also an easy small achievable thing you can do.

However, the opposite can take place leading to have to DO extraordinary things to catch up. Take my Discrete Math class. If I would have stuck with my

plan of at least 30 minute every other day of study. I would have done a lot better over the long haul. Now as it stands I have spent the last 2 weeks payday loans cramming and cramming trying to pull of a miracle of studying to pass the class. (thus I am not doing a whole lot of anything else, like blogging)

This can also come into play when studying Japanese. I find I do better when I study a bit every day and push myself a little harder everyday rather than payday loans GIANT spurts of study where it is hours on end for a few days or week then 2 weeks or 3 weeks off.

If you think about it the math kind of adds up and leads to a lot less stress. There are 2046 kanji to learn out of “Remembering the Kanji“. If you take on 30 a day, which is manageable , then in a little over 2 months you will know 2046 kanji. “Consistent action over a long period of time leads to amazing results”. The kanji is just one great example.

So the question is what are your goals and how can you break them down into small consistent things you can do to create your amazing results

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