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First Bite Into Windows Whopper 7 Burger

Yesterday, we talked about the enormous Windows 7 Whopper in Japan. But seriously how big is it, and is it even possible to for you to bite into the burger without dislocating your jaw? Well the answer is all in … Читать далее

Всё уже придуманно.

Некоторое время назад, я видела ролик, где главный герой проехался по всем станциям метро Москвы и исполнял на каждой незамысловатый танец. Вроде ничего сложного, а чем-то притягивало. Я тогда подумала, вот же люди, придумали! Просто и затягивающе. К сожалению, оказалось, … Читать далее

Durarara!! anime promo « Eemia on WordPress.com

Durarara!! anime promo. Октябрь 3, 2009 автора Aimee. Sorry, no YouTube links at the moment, just go to the official site. 104-second promo. Looks like epic win. Said to air this winter, so I guess I should update the respective … Читать далее

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Monkey Island 2 Rendered 3D Using Cryengine

How many of you here are old enough to remember play the Monkey Island computer game franchise? Here’s a really interesting youtube video that demonstrates how coolsome Monkey Island 2 would look if it was developed in 2009. This video … Читать далее

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NYAF 2009 – Day 3 Final Thoughts – Fluttering Skirts

Surprisingly, this will probably be a short entry on Day 3 and my overall thoughts on NYAF simply due to the fact I’ve forgotten 50% of it already. Seriously. My brain literally is drawing a blank for random parts of … Читать далее

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Animelo Summer 2009 Re:Bridge Previews

Just a quick update that a few more videos have been uploaded/found showcasing Animelo Summer 2009, which I thought I would share with everyone ^_^

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