All Hail the King — Little King Story Wii version, Rock Band Country Track Pack PS3 vers. & a lot of PSP UMD movies!

From the publisher: Little King’s Story is a unique collaboration between the games industry’s most prodigious talents.

Boasting a team of legendary designers — whose portfolios include a range of highly-acclaimed and much-loved titles such as Harvest Moon, No More Heroes, Final Fantasy XII and Super Mario RPG- Little King’s Story is a funny, charming and surprisingly deep RPG, designed to appeal to both casual and core gamers alike.

Become a good king, lead your subjects to do all sorts of tasks. Dig up treasures, expand the city, and do something for them in return like slaying dragons and other kingly duties. Communicate with other countries to bring them under your flag.

How you rule the kingdom is up to you, Little King Story is available today for:

The Little King’s Story US   US$ 54.90

The Japanese version is available in September:

Ousama Monogatari JPN   US$ 68.90

Also in stock today:
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