Equality Now’s Lies Exposed


Notorious pro-censorship group Equality Now has been exposed as the deceitful and manipulative group many long suspected it to be with the revelation that it is shamelessly cherry picking comments from Sankaku Complex and attempting to pass them off as the opinions of “game bloggers” and “online gamers” in order to justify its crusade against Japanese pornography.

The group is still attempting to organise a concerted campaign to bombard various Japanese political figures it feels might cave in to its demands with form letters, and it leads its latest update with a series of inflammatory quotes picked from Sankaku Complex’s all but unmoderated comments (visible here and here):


Of the many thousands of comments on their efforts to ban “hentai” across dozens of posts on this site, they highlight only the most deranged or trollish, whilst ignoring countless comments offering reasoned analysis of the falsehoods they misrepresent as research or grassroots opinion.

They have dismissed what they admit as an unprecedented online backlash as “hate mail,” and failed to address any of the concerns raised about the flawed “research” they present, most of which apparently stems from feminist anti-pornography campaign groups.

Now it seems they are reduced to outright fabrication and deceit, being unable even to truthfully source the less than representative comments they would like to dupe the world and their members into believing represents the corrupted misogynist users of such games, and of pornography in general.

Some are beginning to wonder if a group which appropriates donations on the pretence of trying to combat such abominable practices as female circumcision but in fact uses these donations to support its radical feminist anti-pornography agenda should even be representing itself as a group which “works to end violence and discrimination against women and girls.”

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