Toys Weekend — Morrigan, Shiranui Mai, Nagato Yuki + Asakura Ryouko, Mecha Nurse Nana, Rumiko Takahashi Trading figure collection, Pokemon Chupa Chups & more!

The succubus Morrigan from Vampire Savior is here to assault your senses. Following the footsteps of the sexy, yet upright Shiranui Mai into the Nishimura Kinu Collection, Morrigan pushes the seductive gage up by a few notches and pulls the upright gage down to zero.

After all, Succubuses are demonic women who use their sensuality to overpower men.

With her arms in her hair and looking up at you coyly with golden eyes, Morrigan is a real charmer. Crafted by Hamasaki Tsuyoshi, the black winged figure is a mixture of combative power, and dark beauty.

It’s perfectly fine to give into the charms of Morrigan, she will be one of your most prized figures in your collection:

Vampire Savior 1/6 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Kinu Nishimura JPN   N/A

Drawn by the reknowned illustrator Komato Eiji and brought to life by the figure maker team of Eye Up is Nana the swimsuit mecha nurse.

An idol and image girl of the Megami Megazine, Nana combines …[more]

Об авторе Nana

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