I’m a NEET, you’re a NEET

If one has been following my twitter, this is old news but for others that don’t, I officially quit my old job as of last Friday September 18th 2009.

I won’t go into great details why I left but I did leave on a positive note with my old company Strategic Micro Systems unlike with the last company I was with prior. Now I know normally, most folks when they quit their job for whatever reason usually take a few days/weeks off and then start to look for their new job; well I am not doing that. Unless my plan changes, I’m taking about six months off before I start looking again. Crazy right?

A lot of it has to do with the burnout I experienced at my old job and honestly just needing a bit of time off to detox from everything. Also I really need to start to decide what type of IT-related job I want in the long run versus just taking anything that looks remotely interesting in the field, only to find myself about to kill myself a few months later. Plus I figured since I’m still relatively young, now is the best time to do something potentially “stupid” that I can correct down the line if needed. I can only imagine the hell I would have if I tried this ten years later instead ^^;;

Speaking of potentially “stupid” things I want to do, one of my biggest things will be traveling. I’ll write up a separate post a bit later but I should be heading to Japan either at the end of this year or early next, depending. Plan to hit Japan and HK mostly but depending on what I plan to do (and how much money I still have), may do a bit more. All I can say now is, if anyone is interested in going to Japan I’m looking for others to travel with… especially since I never been there and will most likely get lost more than I want ^^;;

Beside traveling and job searching, also hoping to get my sorry arse back in shape… or at least to lose a few pounds. Unfortunately gained like ten pounds in the last few months thanks to the old job and not moving around much. And after seeing photos of how skinny I used to be, I really need to lose the weight!

I should also be “leveling up” my general skill sets as I plan to start to play around with virtualization and working on my web development skills (or lack thereof). I am actually looking forward to messing with virtualization as it is honestly the way a lot of companies are going to help save cost while still getting the maximum performance of their systems; so it will be nice to have some experience with it under my belt. For web development, not really sure what direction I want to take as it has always been a hobby on the side and something I needed to know the basics for back in the day, but re-learning stuff I used to know like PHP and ASP will be a good start. Maybe I’ll finally start to learn flash since everyone and their mother seem to know it at this point and it’s used everywhere. Mobile web development also doesn’t seem like a bad idea either considering how folks nowadays use their phones like a mini-laptop of sorts. At there’s a lot I can learn, if anything else ^^;;

And I think this goes without saying, but since I’m pretty much jobless spending should see an overall slow down as I need to sort out spending limitations for traveling as well as other misc stuff. I still have a good 1500USD worth of goods on preorder for the rest of the year, which will remain but there shouldn’t be much of an increase until I get another job. Luckily I’ve been decreasing my spending anyways but I just know kicking the habit of buying seiyuu magazines is gonna be hard; especially when seiyuus like Nana Mizuki constantly cover the front pages orz

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