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10 Arrested in Nude Station Invasion

A mixed-sex group of 10 students have been arrested for running naked through a station, videoing themselves in the act. The 10 students, all 18, studied advertising at Tokyo’s prestigious Keio University, and were all members of the same “circle” … Читать далее

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Snake Sneaks Up On Unsuspecting Press

Here’s an interesting photo which was taken at the press check-in area at a Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker event in Tokyo. Source: Kotaku Somehow I believe that when the press folks turn around and see Snake, a huge exclaimantion … Читать далее

Maid in Japan

В Токио в районе Акихабара находится огромный электронный рынок и место встречи фанатов компьютерных игр и японских комиксов, расположено необычное кафе Maid in Japan.

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Прелестные девушки на Tokyo Game Show 2009

2009 Tokyo Game Show принес с собой целый ряд важных объявления от представителей  игровой индустрии, но к вашему вниманию я хочу представить фотографии прелестных девушек.

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FFXIII Limited Edition PS3 To Be Released With 250GB HDD

In conjunction with the opening of Tokyo Game Show, Sony has announced that they will be releasing a limited edition PS3 which will be bundled together with FFXIII on 17 Dec 2009. According to the press release, the bundled PS3 … Читать далее

[SubZero] Tokyo Magnitude 8 0 — 11 END [1280×720][H264-AAC][ITA] mp4

Category: Anime Subcategory: Other Size: 320.5 megabyte Ratio: 1 seeds, 58 leechers Language: Italian Uploaded by: Unknown

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