10 Arrested in Nude Station Invasion


A mixed-sex group of 10 students have been arrested for running naked through a station, videoing themselves in the act.

The 10 students, all 18, studied advertising at Tokyo’s prestigious Keio University, and were all members of the same “circle” (club).

The group, comprising 9 boys (5 of whom were intoxicated) and a “photographer” girl, decided they would create a series of images which would “leave a memory of summer,” which they considered to require acts of nocturnal public exposure.

The group stripped off and began a 4AM nude run through a Kanagawa shopping arcade wearing only pantsu, which they had cut holes in to expose their genitals.

However, the arcade was deserted so they soon became bored. They then broke into an adjoining station, also deserted, and began cavorting naked around the station, taking special care to photograph themselves lined up at the ticket gates.

It is not clear whether their female “photographer” participated in the exhibitionism or merely documented it.

A passer-by happened to notice their naked trespass, and called 110.

Police soon arrested them, and they were charged with acts of public indecency. The university is also considering disciplinary action.

They admit their crimes, saying “We did a moronic thing.”

Trains seem to bear the brunt of exhibitionist perversion in Japan, though most such maniacs are much more adept at not getting caught, even when doing so in broad daylight or in packed carriages

Via Itai News.

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