Manly Dakimakura

We have seen losta dakimakura with kawaii bishoujo printed on the covers. But how about bringing home this “manly” dakimakura to comfort you through those lonely nights.

Here’s a little background info on the character:

ABE-SAN, a slightly rebellious car-mechanic who appeared in legendary gay one-shot comic “Kuso Miso Technique” is now coming as Dakimakura(hugging pillow) to cover your lonely night.

Source: Gigazine

The dakimakura was recently sold at Wonder Festival Summer 2009 for 12,000 yen. I seriously do not want to find out who bought these dakimakura home >_<

Об авторе Nana

Мне нравиться хорошая манга и аниме, на этом сайте я буду стараться собирать то, что меня заинтересовало.

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