Mecha Battles — NGE: Battle Orchestra, Armored Core 3, To Heart 2 Portable, Square Enix Ultimate Hits Collection & more!

Neon Genesis Evangelion Battle Orchestra is a very exciting fighting game. The controls are easy to manage, it takes no time for a total beginner to become an expert.

The new and upgraded portable version utilizes all the functions of the Sony PSP, giving gamers an even more realistic experience of fighting Angels with a group of comrades. Turn the adhoc networking function on and form a team.

The developers have recreated the whole of Neo Tokyo 3 complete with every tree and landmark, learn the geography of the area and use it to your advantage during the fights.

Clear missions and earn money or prizes. Visit the shops to buy gear for your Eva, unlock optional stages and voice clips of your favourite characters. With the new gallery mode, you can go and listen to the music and voice tracks whenever you like.

The Limited version of the game comes with a set of 6 postcards, a sticker and a Sony PSP™ case.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Battle Orchestra Portable JPN   US$ 48.90 …[more]

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