Nendo’s Travelogue: Bring Me Out!

On Monday, I introduced my new project titled “Nendo’s Travelogue [ねんどろいどの旅日記] Project“, which starts this Sunday. For this Sunday’s photo shoot, kodomut and I will be going to Singapore’s Botanica Garden, its a lovely place with losta lovely greenery.

The Singapore Botanic Gardens epitomises the tropical island’s luxuriant parks. Spread over 52 hectares and close to the centre of the city, the Gardens showcases many outstanding plant collections. Some highlights include the National Orchid Garden, the Ginger Garden, and the Evolution Garden. The numerous plant species here, including many rare specimens, reflect the Singapore Botanic Gardens’ richness and diversity of plant life.

To make things more interesting, kodomut and I will each be giving our readers the power to vote and choose which Nendoroids to bring along  for every photo shoot. Each of us will be bringing only two Nendoroids for the photo shoot, so there will be a total of four Nendoroids featured.

Voting starts right now and closes on Saturday evening. You are free to vote for any of the twelve Nendoroids featured below:

Just a side note: you are only able to vote for two Nendoroids from my collection (To vote for the other two, you must head over to kodomut’s site where he had a collection that is largely different from mine.

Its the only chance the Nendoroids gets to go outdoors. So choose wisely! Hopefully the other Nendoroids will not hate you for not choosing them ^^

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