Teacher Putting Chalk In Yawning Student’s Mouth

I’m sure many of us would have the experience of feeling sleepy and yawning during a boring lecture. One elementary school kid was yawning in class and his teacher put a chalk in his mouth for a couple of seconds.


Of course the Board of Education found out about this, and to punish the teach responsible, they gave him a pay cut of 10 percent. O_o

The male teacher in his 50s put chalk in a boy’s mouth on June 24, after warning the class that he would do so to the next student who yawned. The boy is said to have told the teacher that he didn’t mind and opened his mouth, and the teacher put the chalk around 3 centimeters long in the boy’s mouth for a couple of seconds. The boy was absent from school the next day and only turned up to school four more days before classes finished for the summer break.

The teacher has apologized and pledged to do better in the future.

Source: JapanToday

IF I was the teacher, I would gave the kid a really hot chili, that would really wake him up.

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