Recent work on the Kodomo no Jikan by Hungarian author. Clip of dramatic and atmospheric, it is made in dark colors, with ample use of tsvetokora and noise. Also pay attention to alternative story (on the topic of pedophilia), which is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. The emotional component of the clip level, technology is not podkachala. Although the clip, and short (the author admits that the one source he did not have enough, so had to resort to a couple of others), but clings heavily. All recommend.

Автор: Yaaku
Аниме: Elfen Lied, Kodomo no Jikan, Kodomo no Jikan Second Term, Wet Summer Days
Музыка: Duncan Sheik – The Dark I Know Well



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Мне нравиться хорошая манга и аниме, на этом сайте я буду стараться собирать то, что меня заинтересовало.

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