Simply Haruhi

The author has selected from a heap of music that is right for such a strange character as Haruhi Sudzumiya. In AMV reveals life principles and character of the heroine. Agreement, they differ from ours. The clip is very dynamic and emotional. We see that invested a lot of effort, especially in lipsink. Frustrating only by the presence of the logo and a few bad image.

Автор: whispersreloaded
Аниме: Suzumiya haruhi no yuutsu
Музыка: Skye Sweetnam – Just the Way I am

Simply Haruhi


Об авторе Nana

Мне нравиться хорошая манга и аниме, на этом сайте я буду стараться собирать то, что меня заинтересовало.

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