Angry Man Set House On Fire Over Gundam

What would you do if your mom threw away your precious Gundam figures? This 29 year old man was so angry that he try to burn himself and his house after finding out that his mother had gotten rid of his “treasure”.

Police in Kasai City near Kobe have arrested a 29-year-old factory worker named Yoshifumi Takabe on suspicion of burning down his own home on Sunday. The suspect reportedly doused his room with kerosene and lit it with a lighter around 2:10 p.m. on Sunday.

The resulting fire eventually burned down the two-story house, which was about 250 square meters (about 2,700 square feet) and made partially from wood.

The police investigators say that the suspect had doused himself with kerosene, but had escaped the fire without injuries. His 55-year-old mother was also in the house but escaped without injuries.

Source: The Kobe Shinbun via ANN

I still remember my mom threatening to throw away my PS2 once becasue I had been playing too much game and my grades were dropping. Of course, I knew she was just bluffing because she would never bear to throw away something so expensive =P

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