Ero-Figures Too Hot for Comiket!


A doujin circle was recently forced to pull its assortment of ero-figures during Comiket 76 for being too hot for sale there.

As the figures are still readily available through shops such as Tora no Ana however, the opportunity to inspect what exactly it takes to be banned from the Comiket is too good to pass up…

The figures are the products of 希馬屋 / Keumaya, originally a more typical doujinshi maker before focusing on producing ero-figures that are sold at doujin events and via consignment shops.

During the August 14-16 event, this notice was placed on the Keumaya website, edited for brevity and translated below:

Notice of Comiket Figure Sale Supension

Due to the inappropriateness of Keumaya figures’ nether regions (i.e., crotch, groin), the sale of the figures at this year’s Natsucon has been suspended.

Taking into consideration the bother caused to the Comiket Preparation Comittee, special attention will be paid in the future to ensure that something of this manner does not occur a second time.

Again, I would like to apologize here for the nuisance caused to the gentlemen that had to come to the Keumaya circle booth.

Furthermore, the sales suspension only affects Comiket.

The plans for consignment sales at Tora no Ana for Chou-Kangofu (Super Nurse) Kotone-chan and Aku Mashi (Evil Witch Girl) Normal Ver. will continue as planned.

Plans for what to do with the event-exclusive GAL Mashi figure are still undecided.

News of the figures being banned from sale at Comiket encouraged one figure fan to order two of the figures being sold at the event for a closer look.


These are the 悪魔子(ノーマル) / Evil Witch Girl (Normal) on the left, and 超看護婦ペインキラー琴音ちゃん / Super Nurse Painkiller Kotone-chan on the right.

Kotone-chan also came with a small ero-doujinshi as a furoku, a sample page of which can be found near the bottom of this article.



Both figures look to be of a very good build quality, although the large-breasted Witch’s face might be off-putting to most.


The unassembled state the figures are sold as shows the detail paid to the girls’ ero features, which leads to the reason for the figure’s removal from Comiket:




As can clearly be seen in the above images (censored by the blogger), the Keumaya figures’ loins are indeed more detailed than the norm; more typically this area is either left less obvious or even bare, covered by a non-removable piece of clothing through which pubic outlines are hinted at.

It is not a surprise that the figure was removed from the Comiket – the especially ero figures of this sort are typically reserved for figure-only events where the decency guidelines for figures are more lax, though of course it raises the question of why differences between the events exist…


In any case, the figures are quite accomplished for doujin products, especially Kotone-chan here, and their banning by the Comiket authorities can only add to their allure.





Kotone-chan’s instructions leaflet.




More information on Keumaya’s offerings can be found at the official website.

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