Bayonetta Xbox 360 Refugee


The developers of Bayonetta have admitted the game was initially developed for the Xbox 360, and that there will be “differences” between the versions, leading some to worry that an inferior PS3 port is in the works…

They admit developing the game exclusively for the Xbox on their blog:

“We developed this initially for the Xbox 360, later giving all the game data to Sega for them to develop a PS3 version; we then advised them and supervised their development of the PS3 version.”

Unusually, the developers admit openly that the two versions will be “different” (and previously the versions were said to be the same):

“With the differences between the 360 and PS3’s hardware, of course differences will emerge, but I hope everyone will be able to see for themselves that we have adapted each version’s code to the peculiarities of the hardware in question.”

The suspicion is that the game will be superior on its original Xbox 360 platform, as the PS3 version shown so far was said to have very noticeable performance problems, and is apparently not even being handled in-house.

Just why an Xbox “exclusive” could not be secured is an open question…

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