Love Plus “Adultery” Nearly Ends in Divorce


A man has apparently narrowly avoided divorce after being accused of adultery by his wife, after she discovered his virtual relationships with three schoolgirls.

The story begins with the anonymous husband accidently leaving his camera bag (for he worked with cameras) at home one day. It so happened he hid his DS in this bag.

His dutiful wife was cleaning the house and noticed a light coming from the bag; thinking it to be a camera left on, she thought to tell her husband of his mistake, but instead discovered the light came from one of the girls of Love Plus, who require regular attention.

His wife stated that at this moment she “felt as if she had discovered the existence of an affair,” and is infuriated by the very memory of the “adulteresses” she found there.

Enraged, she confiscated the console and demanded a full explanation of the game, and the unfortunate husband had to describe the details of his various dates and after-school skinship with the girls of the title.

Later she would go so far as to convene her lady friends together to work out what to do. They played the game, and thought little of it until coming upon Nene, whom they judged a real threat to the couple’s marriage.

Soon they judged the husband guilty of adultery with the game, and took away his DS to sell, with the wife keeping the cash. He was subsequently force to promise to pay for a New Year’s vacation in order to make amends.

He states he is just glad she did not divorce him.

The wife’s friends were spurred into action by the threatening prospect of losing their breadwinners to 2D schoolgirls, and initiated searches, catching three husbands engaed in this “adultery.”

One, it is said, meekly admitted the charges and handed over the game.

Another lost the game and had his pocket money reduced by his wife.

The other man was actually caught red-handed “kissing” his girl, and had his ROM destroyed on the spot, and was banned from the bedroom to boot.

The unfortunate narrator parts by wishing all those secretly playing Love Plus the best of luck.

Even if it turned out to be fiction, as we have seen the scenario more than rings true

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