Wii’s Worst Game Ever Sells 100 Copies


The Wii’s curious lack of quality software is being highlighted by the release of the worst selling Wii title ever, Sukeban Shachou Rena Wii (”Woman CEO Rena”), a game centred on the managerial leadership of a talking female cat, Rena.

In the week since its release it has sold a total of 100 copies.

The game can be seen in action below:

The cat is undeniably well animated however.

The bustling scene of a post-launch event:



Sadly, with all this publicity (including a TV feature and a thread being featured on Itai News) there is now a danger of people actually buying the game out of morbid curiousity, creating a perverse incentive for developers of other spectacularly poor titles.

Even Nintendo’s CEO himself admits the console is having trouble securing a compelling line-up, and with such dismal titles as this and certain previous debacles, some might wonder if perhaps some kind of quality seal system might be useful…

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