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Everyone constantly wants something. Whether they want a hamburger or a new car, maybe even a pencil. In English we have the word want. We want things from objects or dreams to come true, and you probably want to know how to say in Japanese. Well fortunately this is super easy. Just add たい to the stem of a verb. So たべる becomes たべたい. Lets look at some example sentences so it can make more sense.

I want to see a film.

I want to go to Japan someday.

I want to read a book.

In order to do this successfully there is something to realize about ru-verbs and u-verbs. For ru-verbs just drop the る and add たい. For u-verbs change the last sound to い and add たい. As for irregular verbs する and くる you do both you drop the ru and change the last sound to い. So する transforms to し and くる transforms to き. Here is a chart for example.

たべ たべたい
する したい
くる きたい

So now you can dream away in Japanese.

Note: There is more to this, but for now i will leave it here as I want to post on something else before covering another aspect of this subject. I will link to it once the second part of tai verb conjugations is up. This is the brunt of it though.

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