PS3 Gets 3D Glasses Support in Free Firmware Update


Sony has announced that the PS3 will be getting full support for stereoscopic 3D glasses in a free firmware update.

SCE CEO Kazuo Hirai lays out their plan:

“The firmware of all currently released PS3s will be upgraded to make them compatible with [stereoscopic] 3D games. As a result there is no need to buy any new hardware to play these 3D games.”

The functionality and games are set for release in 2010; there is no word on whether only future games will support the stereoscopy, or whether previously released games will be upgraded to support it, which sounds optimistic to say the least.

As with any console accessory, an unrealistically expensive set of official 3D glasses seems likely, although making proprietary 3D glasses would be quite a feat.

Seemingly the PS3 goes from strength to strength, with the only serious opposition it is likely to face coming from Microsoft’s supposedly revolutionary Project Natal, although this system seems more targeted at the Wii.

Even so, Sony is shamelessly copying both Natal and the Wiimote with its “Motion Controller” / “PlayStation Eye” combination, although whether this goes the way of its all but unused SixAxis motion sensing remains to be seen…



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