Senior Constable Arrested For Breaking Into Policewoman’s Apartment

Trespassing into someone’s home is illegal, and it extends to officers of the law too. A 37-year-old senior constable was arrested for allegedly entering a 28-year-old policewoman’s apartment in Funabashi City at around 10 p.m. Wednesday night.

Police said the female officer came home and saw the man standing on her balcony, after which she ran to a nearby police box. A 21-year-old male officer returned with her to the fourth-floor apartment, and he was sprayed with mace but was able to detain the man some 60 meters away.

The man was later confirmed to be Daizo Kanda, a senior constable at Chiba Higashi police station. Kanda has admitted to the entering the woman’s apartment and said:

“I liked her and wanted to know more about her.”

Source: JapanToday

The first thing I wanted to ask is how come the policewoman had to run to the nearby koban and report the break-in instead of handling the tresspasser herself?

Its just creepy knowing that the constable wanted to “investigate” his potential girlfriend by trespassing into her house.

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