Policeman Loses Gun During Toilet Break On Train

Japanese police never fail to amuse me week after week. Apolice officer who was patrolling Kirishima Limited Express on the JR Nippou line on Friday lost his pistol loaded with five live rounds of ammunition when he visited the toilet.

I’m sure you are wondering how did he lose the pistol since it should have been on him? Here’s what happened:

When the train arrived at Miyazaki station, the officer suddenly got a stomach ache, and took the pistol out of its holder and put it into his bag while inside the train to make it easier to unfasten the holder as soon as he reached a toilet in the station.

While on his way to the restroom, the officer noticed the bag had gone missing. It was later discovered during a final check of the train, which had gone to a different station for cleaning.

Source: JapanToday

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