Truck Driver Arrested For Peeing Into Woman’s Apartment

Dogs and many animals like to pee around and mark their territories, but a truck driver decided to try it on the entrance of the apartment belonging to a woman he liked and ended up being arrested by the police. LOL

Police said that 22-year-old Yuuki Oshima, a resident of Noda Cioty, visited the woman’s apartment after midnight on Nov 19 and urinated through the mail slot in the door onto a towel that was hung inside to keep people from peeping into the apartment.

Police said Oshima admits to the charges, and quoted him as saying, “I absolutely went crazy for her the first time I saw her, and just did it.”

Oshima told police that he first saw the woman on the street in Noda during mid-August, but didn’t speak to her or try to approach her. The woman had reported to police that from late August, her doorbell would often ring in the middle of the night and she would sometimes find urine inside the entrance to her apartment.

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