Random Otaku Room #777

The world must be coming to an end as I’ve updated this blog three days straight! Even if the posts are crappy, that’s probably the most I’ve ever updated the blog in months! Go me!

Anyway this update is an oldie but goodie, my quarterly(?) room photo post! Really mostly to satisfy @prajantr’s curiosity to see what my otaku room is like, I figured may as well make a post while I’m at it. For those that have been following my “otaku room” series, all I can say is I’m sorry and man, every post I always have more crap in ‘em ^^;;

Basically what it looks like as soon as you walk in. Really not much has changed since last time other than more figures and posters, which I’ll go into more detail in a bit.

More figures and stuff I’ll probably never open due to space. Also cleaned up the magazine mess moving them to their own shelving.

Figures you’ll see as you go to the bathroom. Tis been the same for months/years I believe.

The two Nanoha figures any decent fan with the money should have. Lovely figures from what I can tell through the box and seeing others’ photos. Probably will never open them since I’ll be too lazy to dust them off; plus I don’t have any room at the moment ^^;;

My DVD/Bluray/Signed items shelves. Had to reorganize the whole shelf, basically cramming more DVDs per shelf to make room for my non-anime DVDs/Blurays. Also the two big tubes you see hold my various posters that I don’t put up but are somewhat important to keep safe (i.e. my Nana and AKB48 ones).

Probably can’t tell from the image, but every DVD that’s displayed in the front part of the shelves are all signed. Have fun guessing (if you can see at all) who signed what media!

Mostly the big figures I can’t fit in the glass cabinets and whatnot.

The bed and probably one of the few times you’ll ever see it half-way decently made ^^;; New poster since last time as well, Atsuko Maeda from AKB48 from her 2010 calendar that I picked up while in Japan. Not bad and you have to admit, 90% of the time any poster looks 5x better framed versus not framed right?

Basically my “back” wall? Also another new poster, Haruna Kojima from AKB48 looking good in that blue one piece dress. Sadly I’m really out of room for these posters as maybe, I can hang two more if I pushed it. It’ll be interesting to see what I’ll do once that happens…

Just a quick shot of my HTC Touch Pro 2 in its cradle. Really glad I picked up the cradle for like 12USD on ebay; really it just allows me to stand up my phone so I can use it as an clock/alarm when I wake up in the morning XD

You’ll also see I moved all my magazines and artbooks to these shelves to save/maximize the space I have left. Sadly also running out of room here as well.

Where any good otaku will spend a majority of their freetime when they’re a NEET orz

Closer look at my PC setup and yes, I’m still loving the portrait monitor setup!

Scanner, mini-fridge, and misc clear file folders I’m using to sort various crap. Mostly seiyuu photo cards and other billing stuff, nice to finally find a use for the folders!

My tower of CDs and one of my (still) favorite Minorin shots. God I won’t tell you how long it took me to sort my CDs in alphabetical order, but let’s just say I was mighty glad when I was done ^^;;

Got to watch anime, Nana, and various idols on a big screen right? Surprisingly no big screen upgrade this time around, although that’s mostly due to financial issues rather than any personal reason not to ^_~

Bought a cheap “game chair” to sit while under the kotatsu which makes things a lot better than sitting on the bare cold floor.

Yes, I know I need to dust. Badly.

Very Badly.

Picked up a second glass shelf many moons ago to move all the figures I had lining around the plasma and whatnot. Looks better plus they get less dusty that way.

It’s sad they’re both completely maxed out although I could use a third one if I ever find room or the money to do so ^^;;

FFXIII soda can (yes somehow it made it in one piece from Japan to HK to USA) and random figure boxes I’m keeping as well as Japanese PC/PS2/PSP games in the back.

Theme: put as many figures as possible and luckily pull off a “bunny girl & maid” theme at the end

Theme: play figure tetris to see how many figures I could get in on a shelf without activating the row deletion feature ^^;;

Theme: Rock ‘n Roll?

Theme: Nanoha, Swimsuits, and Dust!

Theme: Dust v2 and Gundams!

Theme: Stuff the big figures and pray nothing falls

Theme: Red red red red!

Theme: Junk the figures until you can junk no more!

Theme: Wedding Dress with reincarnated warriors as guards?

And that ladies and gentlemen, sums up another fun trip to moyism’s “otaku room”. Stay tuned until next time when I will probably do something financial stupid again only to regret/enjoy whatever ill-gotten gains it’ll be!

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