Japan 2010 Goods List

This post is more for myself so I have a list of sorts of what I want to buy while in Japan and also to help keep my budget somewhat in check. Obviously this doesn’t include day-to-day expenses like food, transportation, housing, the random “WTF”, and other folks’ “buy this for me” wish lists but…

Nana Mizuki’s LIVE ACADEMY Concert

For more info about the goods, head over to danie sensei’s blog. I thought initially I was going to try to get everything but honestly there’s some crap there that just isn’t worth the money.

Conversely, there’s some stuff I’ll probably get a double of like the calendar and card sets. Maybe also the cap since I do plan to actually wear it but would like one that doesn’t have all my sweat on it as a keeper ^^;;

Total: 44900 yen (roughly depending on what doubles I get)

AKB48 Request Hour Set List Best 100 2010 LIVE at SHIBUYA-AX

I’ve fallen pretty bad for the AKB48 fandom, ’tis all I have to say orz

… but to sum up this DVD, basically AKB48 has a yearly countdown of the top 100 fan voted songs that usually span 4 days. The great thing about these concerts other than getting to hear and see your favorite song(s) sung, is they always invite graduated members to come back to sing if it used to be their sub-unit song. So fans get their chance to see old members come back and perform songs that just aren’t the same if it weren’t for said member(s).

Also the Shinbuya AX concerts are a good primer if you want to hear the wide range of AKB48 songs (and trust me, there are A LOT) before you dive deeper into the fandom. They helped me a lot when I got started and are actually 10x more enjoyable after you know who’s who and what song is what ^^;;

Total: 20300 yen


For more information, check out STAGE48. There’s yuri action for those interested ;)

Total: 5980 yen

AKB48’s “Sakura no Shori”

I actually have three copies of the CD single already (one Type A and two Type B) but figured since I’ll be in Japan, may as well get the theater version as well (which can only be picked up at their official shop).

Total: 1600 yen

Kamen Rider W – CycloneJoker (S.H.Figuarts)

First off, photo credit goes to the awesome TASTE. Second, I blame AKB48 for getting me into Kamen Rider W since two of their members happen to guest star in the series. Checking their related episodes led to downloading the currently released episodes which led to checking out other Kamen Rider series to well… yea ^^;;

Total: 2500 yen

Kamen Rider W – Heatmetal (S.H.Figuarts)

See above for the reasons why I’m want this.

Total: 2500 yen

Kamen Rider Decade – Diend

Photo credit goes to TOMOPOP. So after watching Kamen Rider W, I jumped back a series and started to check out Decade. Overall not a bad series and it was kind of cool seeing past Kamen Riders in it if anything else.

As for the figure, well Diend is pretty cool and got to admit, your gun as your henshin “belt” is something new to me! And at least he isn’t pink like the main character ^^;;

Total: 2800 yen

Queen & Elizabeth’s “Love Wars”

CD single with two AKB48 members (Tomomi Kasai and Tomomi Itano) tying into the Kamen Rider W series. You can see the full PV if you click the image and overall, it’s a decent pop-ish song so…

Total: 1890 yen

Minori Chihara’s “Sing All Love”

Yes I already have the Bluray edition but I need to pick up the normal and DVD editions to support her. Also may try to get the other photo cards from the various stores if I actually remember which has which.

Total: 6800 yen (if I’m just picking up the normal and DVD versions)

Maaya Sakamoto’s Birthday Live

I have no idea what they’ll be selling at her concert but odds are I’ll be picking up at least her recently released Everywhere album celebrating her 15 years in the business.

Total: 3780 yen?

AKB48 DVD Magazine Vol 3

I have to get this DVD (although I already have the rips) since this is during the time AKB48 was in NYC, including their Webster Hall concert ^_^

Also yes, you can see myself and few others in the audience during the concert if you know where to look ^_~

Total: 6000 yen

And surprisingly, that’s all I want to buy at the moment. Totaling at roughly 96350 yen, it’s actually not as bad as I thought. Really only Nana’s concert merchandise and the AKB48 Shinbuya AX concert are going to kill me but otherwise pretty straight forward purchases.

Knowing myself though, I’ll probably end up buying something totally random and expensive just cause or it was something I “wanted”. I just hope it won’t be anything too big since I don’t have THAT much free luggage room ^^;;

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