Top 10 Ways of Looking Cute to Guys


Japanese asked to rank the most commonly perpetrated techniques for appearing cute yield up a list which might well double as a “how to feign being a schoolgirl” ranking.

Those looking to appear cute or wishing to dissect the carefully honed techniques of the Japanese maiden may find the list instructive.

The ranking:

1. Pretend you don’t get dirty jokes

2. Look at him cutely with upturned eyes

3. ♡Use lots of emoticons and deco-characters in your mails♡ (´・ω・`)

4. Speak to him with your voice at a higher than normal pitch

5. Smile quietly after nonchalantly telling him what troubles you

6. Coordinate light pink and white

7. Make sure you have plenty of forelock

8. Speak at a leisurely pace

9. Doubtfully lean your head to one side when asking a question

10. Cover your mouth when laughing

Other behaviours thought to increase cuteness mentioned include standing pigeon toed, hair fiddling, sticking out the tongue when messing something up, saying “yoisho” when lifting objects up, and running up to small animals or children.

Making a “duckface” expression is also mentioned, perhaps explaining certain mysteries.

To the Japanese these traits are encapsulated in the term “burikko” (ぶりっ子), a cutesy, childlike woman considered the pinnacle of feminine desirability by a significant subset of Japanese men.

In sum, the secret to appearing cute to Japanese men is apparently thought to be affecting the behaviour of a 10-year-old girl, perhaps not the most shining endorsement of the tastes of Japanese of either gender, at least where “cuteness” is concerned.

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