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Dr Koto Shinryoujo — пилотная серия

Совершив серьезную ошибку в своей работе в Токио, талантливый хирург Гото Кенсуке может найти работу только в клинике на небольшом острове Йонагуни, Окинава. Трудно получить компетентные врачей для работы в этом отдаленном острове, и жителям островов в настоящее время приходится … Читать далее

NYAF 2009 – Day 2 – MMOs with Maihime sake

Omo was the one who noticed this first but I can’t keep talking about it since I find it hilarious at so many levels! And the sake wasn’t even that great either!

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I’m a NEET, you’re a NEET

If one has been following my twitter, this is old news but for others that don’t, I officially quit my old job as of last Friday September 18th 2009.

Crayon Shinchan’s Creator Missing Update

Yesterday we reported that Crayon Shinchan’s Creator Goes Missing. Well in the latest update, it seems like police traced Yoshito-san’s cellphone in the vicinity of Karuizawa, a town about 100 kilometers (about 60 miles) northwest of his Kasukabe home, on … Читать далее

Momoko Tani 谷桃子

While I’m away the most of today for the Nendo’s Travelogue photoshoot, I thought I keep you folks occupied with this lovely gravure feature of Momoko Tani, a hot 22 year old actress and gravure idol. I had also previously … Читать далее

Doggie Goes For Walk On Balance Ball

How often do you take your dogs out for a walk? You might think this Japanese dude is quite nice to bring his dog out for a walk, but if you look closer, the dog has tough training everytime it … Читать далее