NYAF 2009 – Day 2 – MMOs with Maihime sake

Omo was the one who noticed this first but I can’t keep talking about it since I find it hilarious at so many levels! And the sake wasn’t even that great either!

Before I get to maihime sake and eating out with some of the blogger crew, let me step back a bit to continue off from my initial Day 2 report. Arriving back on-site around 5PM I ended up roaming around a bit until I ran into Omo and wah who just got out of Tomino’s autograph session. All I can say is wah lives up to the expectations and expect something AWESOME from him soon ^_~

After meeting up with the rest of the usual crew, we eventually headed to JP & Hinano’s MMO panel. See their post about it but overall I thought it was alright and they got a good turnout… even with someone like me who fell asleep towards the middle! Maybe next year when they do their vocaloid panel it’ll be at a better time where I won’t fall asleep but another good panel from them nonetheless.

With their panel over and nothing better to do, we ended up seating on a bit of the blogger roundtable hosted with like 5-8 bloggers. Crazy stuff and it seem somewhat interesting but honestly since I’m more solo and with the old vanguard(?), it was “meh” for me. I guess old timers like myself don’t like to change much even when I know the advice given is good.

Hungry pains started to hit most of us while we were at the blogger roundtable panel, so instead of learning anything meaningful, we left for some well deserved food. The place this time being the excellent Yakiniku West where there was A LOT of meat eaten. Too bad we didn’t take photos of everything ordered or the fun of us making several inch flames from the fat of the cooking meat, but at a total of $360 for 8 people I believe it was a great dinner had by all. The various sake Alex D & Omo ordered were good stuff and I know DS had no issues enjoying them all ^_~ Beside some major drinking happening, it was the usual fun fanfare of like minded individuals just chilling back and having an great time with various con and Japan traveling stories going around by most there.

And just like every other time after a great dinner, we eventually went our separate ways with everyone heading home to prep for the last day of NYAF. Overall my initial thoughts of Day 2 still stands (concerts = cool and 3 Yui-chin autographs = pimp) but with the addition of a kick arse dinner, I can say even with the various ups and downs, it was so far the most enjoyable day at NYAF. And while I don’t doubt tomorrow won’t be fun with the various Yui Makino panels and AKB48 concert at Webster Hall, with everyone being drained and working Monday coming up, I just can’t see too much happening outside the norm? Hopefully I’ll be delightfully proven wrong but we’ll see!

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