Mother Daughter Gang Rape Schoolgirl


A mother and her daughter have been arrested after instigating the 5 hour gang rape of a schoolgirl.

The incident unfolded one afternoon in Fukuoka, in an apartment belonging to a freeter. There a number of other young freeters would congregate, as well as a 41-year-old unemployed woman and her daughter (16), along with another 16-year-old schoolgirl, all known to one another.

During one of these gatherings the woman took exception to the schoolgirl, “not liking her attitude”, and took a kitchen knife and threatened the girl in order to “teach her a lesson” – the girl had apparently hit back after being struck, so punishment was felt necessary.

Taking their cue, the six men present joined in, and started kicking and beating the girl, seriously injuring her.

They soon progressed to raping the girl, in an ordeal which would last 5 hours. The mother lost heart at some point after seeing a girl the same age as her own daughter being violated before her eyes, and called police in order to stop the outrage.

Police arrived and immediately arrested the youths, along with the mother.

Those present, including the mother and her daughter, have variously been charged with assault, rape and gang rape.

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