Musician Arrested for Flashing High Schoolgirl

What would you do if you encounter a flasher? A high schoolgirl was flashed by a 44-year old men and when she ran off, the flasher ran after her. Luckily the incident was spotted by a police and they appended the flasher.

The 44 year old saxaphone musician, Yasushi Arai was charged with public obscenity after he reportedly flashed a female high school student at a shopping arcade in Saitama’s Honjo city.

According to police, the girl was on her way home when Arai is said to have unzipped his pants and flashed her.

The girl ran when she saw Arai, and he chased her for about 100 meters before a police officer saw the chase and arrested him.

Source: JapanToday

Somehow I picture the scene to be really funny where you have a cute schoolgirl running in front, followed by a flashing weird creepy musician, and then a policeman. Sounds like a scene out of some comedy show.

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