Teacher’s Loli Sex Honeymoon “We Were to Marry”


A 51-year-old teacher has been arrested after eloping with his 14-year-old pupil on a “honeymoon,” saying he intended to marry the girl.

The man apparently taught at a Sendai area middle school, and became involved with one of his pupils. The pair subsequently arranged a romantic trip to Hokkaido together.

The teacher was charged with having sex with the girl over the course of several days at the hotel were the pair stayed. He admits the charges, saying “We intended to get married. We came to Sapporo together.”

Police pursued the pair after being alerted by the families of both teacher and student. It is not clear whether the teacher was already married.

Via Sankei

Not the first time a teacher has attempted something along these lines, and doubtless not the last time either…

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