Colorwings Performance Paper Gliders

Frustrated that your paper airplanes can’t even fly for a decent 10 feets? Then you might want to check out Colorwings, which are high-performance paper and balsa wood gliders from Japan.

Here’s the product description on why you should spend 12 bucks for this paper glider:

Colorwings are high-performance paper and balsa wood gliders from Japan. These planes are much, much more fun than anything we experienced growing up! Each glider is a result of hundreds of hours of research and development by Dr. Yasuaki Ninomiya– fascinated by airplanes since childhood, he has pursued a lifelong passion of building and designing paper planes — winning many competitions along the way. These planes are scientifically designed to fly just like real airplanes, and are launched with a catapult (included). When properly tuned and under good conditions, they are can catch thermals and gain amazing altitudes and unbelievably long flights (up to 300 yards)! Everything you need to build the plane is included, and we have also included English instructions to make your life a little easier! Requires no glue (the paper is coated with adhesive in specific places), making them very easy to assemble.

Source: A+R Store via Kineda

I still remember that when I was a small kid, I used to love buying gliders which were made out of styrofoams. They are easy to assemble and some of them flew quite far. But then again, its quite bothersome to walk a distance just to pick up your own plane ^^

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