Windows 7 Nana Mizuki Style

Quick little post since I can’t sleep and I figure I may as well be somewhat productive at 4:30AM in the morning.

Thanks to some kind folks on the internet, the special add-ons of Windows 7 featuring Nana Mizuki has been leaked! Honestly, when everything is said and done, it’s basically (as far as I can see) a special theme pack that included three wallpapers and a dozen or so sound files for the usual windows events (i.e. logging in/off, new mail, error messages, etc).

As with the above screenshot, you can see what the theme looks like. Nice wallpaper overall (probably the best of the three) and the darker theme colors do work nicely. For the actual sound pack, you can hear samples over here. In that regards, all I can say is “YAY” for awesome Nana cutness ^_^

What my desktop actually looks like. From my previous wallpapers, switched up the two anime ones to seiyuus’ instead. Plasma (the one on the left) now sports a simple Nana Mizuki shot while the right monitor (the one on the right) has a decent shot of the seiyuu group sphere. Still keeping my current Minori Chihara one, however, since she just looks so cute in the PJs XD (plus it’s hard finding any decent sized ones of her)

So yea, Windows 7 ultimate/special edition definitely not worth it unless you’re an uber hardcore Nana Mizuki fan. Yes I know the fans should support her but I would rather spend the money on her upcoming CD and Bluray, which will really help up her popularity (and sales) even more. Plus anything software related, you just know it’ll be on the internet within 24 hours of release… tis just the way the world works.

… and to prove that, here are the three wallpapers for your downloading/viewing pleasure ^^;;

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