Nagoya Policemen Crossdress To Nab Purse Snatchers

Its good that the Nagoya policemen are doing all they can to close down on purse snatchers which target women. But what in the world was their commander thinking when he approved the plan of getting his policemen to dress up in short skirts, stockings, high heels, wigs and carrying designer bags in a bid to lure bag snatchers?!

The plan has been ongoing for almost a month and here’s here’s what the officers have to say:

One 26-year-old officer said: “It’s cowardly to target women who are weak.” Another 25-year-old policeman admitted that he “panicked” when a male driver propositioned him from his car.

The unit consists of four male officers who are at least 160 cm tall. They all have a black belt in judo, karate or some other martial art. The squad works out of Naka police station which is in the center of Nagoya’s entertainment district.

A spokesman for the police said that the squad has so far failed to nab any would-be thieves.

Source: JapanToday

I thought the easier way out would be to deploy/hire policewomen who are already skilled in martial arts? It must be humiliating to be patroling the streets in a mini skirt and bump into your neighbour.

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