Busou Renkin — The Day of Bond Trailer

Busou Renkin - The Day of Bond Trailer [SteManga]

Комментарий автора: So I wanted to create a trailer with Buso Renkin anime light of history, the protagonist knows this girl but he have an accident that cost him his life so his heart is replaced by a Kakugame, given to him by the girl Tokiko. So that day create a strong bond between the two. ;)

For the first time this is a self-made work: I chose each piece sound (in the last trailer that I realized the sound was already done, see Pokemon Trailer 2012)

Автор: SteManga
Аниме: Busou Renkin
Музыка: Audiomachine — Rise Of The Warriors, Jay Chou — Hero Chou, Story Of The Year — Taste Of The Poison
Награды: 2nd place at Pintamimundo Contest Round 4

Busou Renkin — The Day of Bond Trailer

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