Technology December 2009 Blog Matsuri

It is that time again for the Blog Masturi. The last one was hosted by Sleepy Tako over Hamburgers in Japan.

For more detailed information on the blog Matsuri visit the Matsuri FAQ on the JapanSoc website.




There are a couple of rules to follow:

  • No Cellphones (lets face it you could to a Matsuri on this alone)
  • No Game Consoles (everyone knows about these already ;) )
  • Must be designed and or made in Japan
  • Almost anything goes just keep it safe for work and children

How to Submit

There are 2 ways to submit these are the prefered order:

  1. Leave a Comment on this post with the following
    • Site Name
    • Link to Article
    • Author Name if different than Site Name (Optional)
  2. Send me an e-mail My Contact info


December 15, 2009

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Об авторе Nana

Мне нравиться хорошая манга и аниме, на этом сайте я буду стараться собирать то, что меня заинтересовало.

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